The story behind Boppin’ Bunnies…….

My name is Anna Mellon and I set up Boppin’ Bunnies Ltd to introduce young children and families to high quality, interactive, Early Years music sessions, led by professional musicians.

Having taken my own children Charlie and Jess to various pre-school activities, I felt there was a real gap in the market for better quality music classes, where the teacher could demonstrate a high level of skill on their instrument and could perform live to the children each week. I wanted to develop a class where the teacher’s expertise and background was in music, teaching and workshop leading, thus keeping our sessions interactive, educational and unique.

Working with composer Andy Mellon we have recorded all our own musical material and have released three albums: ‘Bop to the Beat’, ‘Wriggle to the Rhythm’ and ‘Toddle and Twist’.

Our aim at Boppin’ Bunnies is for the adults and children to fully participate and interact during the session, so we sing together, play instruments together, dance together, as well as listening to our teachers perform and lead songs on their specialist instruments.

As a trained musician, singer and educator, my experience has come from teaching in numerous primary and secondary settings before launching my own business. My background ranges from teaching individual instrument lessons, classroom music, choirs, school bands, school shows, inset days for staff and headteachers and running music workshops. Live music, singing and creative performing has always been the focus of my teaching.

Music can be an important influence in children’s lives. It can bring them a real sense of achievement, important for developing confidence. The pre-school years are a crucial time for learning and creative subjects such as music can help lay a firm basis for later achievement in all school subjects.

Our classes are designed using the key aspects from the Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum, helping reinforce the child’s communication, language and literacy skills alongside their personal, social, emotional, mathematical, physical and creative development.

At Boppin’ Bunnies our music making is a hands-on, interactive and family experience and we have won a prestigious national award as the Best Local Activity for Under 5's!

Come and join us!


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“The classes have an excellent mix of excitement and calm moments and music styles. Lovely use of proper instruments and other props”
— Ruby’s Dad, Phil (musician in Jool’s Holland’s Big Band)